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Tian Jian Hei Cha Sampler

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Discover the world of Hunan Tian Jian tea!  Tasty teas to try, some with age, others younger.  All good!

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Here's the 5 teas that you'll get in this sampler!

50 grams - 2021 Cha Yu Lin "Liu Bu Xi Village" Tian Jian Basket Tea
25 grams - 2010 Cha Yu Lin "Monkey Jian" Tian Jian Hei Cha Tea
25 grams - 2009 Gao Jia Shan "Wild Tian Jian" in a Bamboo Basket
50 grams - 2011 Bai Sha Xi "Tian Fu" Tian Jian Fu Brick Tea
50 grams - 2021 Cha Yu Lin "Gao Ma Village" Wild Tian Jian in Basket

Anhua Dark Tea is made exclusively from 'Hei Mao Cha' (Black Hairy Tea), which is categorized into seven grades: "Ya Jian, Bai Mao Jian, Tian Jian, Gong Jian, Xiang Jian, Sheng Jian and Bao Jian", among which " "Ya Jian" is the best, but due to its extremely small quantity, it has not become a commercial commodity. Therefore, among the dark tea products currently circulating in the market, Tian Jian tea is the best.

In ancient times, Tian Jian tea was a noble gift for officials, wealthy merchants, and friends. During the Qing Dynasty's Daoguang era (around 1825), it was designated as a tribute tea exclusively for the royal family. Now, it has become a fashionable drink among wealthy people in the south. This tea can be brewed or boiled; it is suitable for drinking plain or as milk tea, especially popular in southern tea houses and for brewing pot tea or cold tea at home. Tian Jian tea has become a trend in many provinces and cities across the country, particularly in Guangzhou in the south and Xi'an in the northwest.

Tian Jian tea is made from fresh leaves picked during the Guyu season (typically April). It is characterized by its black color, refreshing taste, unique pure pine smoke aroma, rich flavor, deep yellow and bright soup color, tender and uniform leaves, and stable quality.

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