Sunrise Symphony Premium Black Tea Blend


Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

100 Grams / Spring 2021

Sunrise Symphony is an invigorating blend of black teas from 3 famous tea-producing regions. The idea was to create a blend that can stand up to milk and sugar for those who can’t start their mornings without a nice, strong cup of tea. It certainly accomplishes that goal, although it also is quite good on its own, as well.

The real surprise came when we tried brewing it in a gaiwan! The same tea that was nice and strong with intoxicating chocolate notes brewed western style transformed into a spicy, peppery maelstrom of flavor. It’s the perfect tea for anyone who likes to change up their brewing methods and experience different sides of the same tea. Don't let the name fool you, either. Sunrise Symphony is an excellent tea for any time of day.

This blend is just tea, there are no added flavors or scents!

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