Ping Keng Tou "Almond Aroma" Dan Cong Oolong Tea


Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

25 Grams / Spring 2021

Our Xing Ren Xiang 杏仁香 Dan Cong Oolong is grown in Ping Keng Tou 平坑头 Village at an altitude of 870 Meters (Middle Mountain).  It comes from trees and bushes growing naturally aged 20-40 years of age.  No pesticides or artificial fertilizers were used.

Xing Ren Xiang "Almond Aroma" is one of the many varietals of Dan Cong that has been around for centuries.  It is called "almond aroma" because during the roasting process the tea smells much like roasted almonds!  

The taste is crisp, bitter-sweet, with notes of honey and cream.


April Harvest

Xing Ren Xiang Varietal  杏仁香

Altitude: 870 meters

Area: Ping Keng Tou Village, Wu Dong Shan, Guangdong