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Middle Mountain "Ju Duo Zai" Dan Cong Oolong Tea

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Ju Duo Zai is a rare varietal of Dan Cong Bush grown by just a few families in the Feng Huang (Phoenix) village area of Wu Dong Mountains.  Ju Duo Zai is characterized by small-medium sized leaf, dark green appearance, with very large sawtooth edges.  Ju Duo Zai is in fact the least grown varietal of Dan Cong.

After picking and processing into "mao cha" (lit. unfinished tea), the tea is roasted, stored and then roasted two more times at low temperature.  This roasting is very gentle and you will notice that even though the dry tea leaves are black, when the tea is brewed the infused leaves are still mostly green in color.  It is also called "Xing Ren Xiang" (Almond Aroma), although most Dan Cong processed into "Almond Aroma" style is not the Ju Duo Zai varietal.

The taste is sweet and fruity with a slight bitterness and no astringency.  There is a slight roasted marshmallow sweetness and the tea lingers in the mouth and throat lubricating it even after you've completed your tea session.

April Harvest

800 Meters Growing Altitude (High Mountain)

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