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Mang Fei Mountain "Golden Pu-erh" Dragon Balls Tea

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This "Golden Pu-erh" is made by a special process of fermentation. The tea is fermented in bags instead of piled and the fermentation period is more than 60 days, whereas normal Pu-erh is fermented for about 45 days. This particular "Golden Pu-erh" is composed entirely of buds.

This special tea has a light coffee bitterness, but with a sweet sugarcane after-taste and a thick almost oily hui gan. The tea liquor is bronze-red like the tea leaf itself. A special tea with subtle but full and textured flavors!

Vintage: 2020 Harvest and Fermentation

Region: Mang Fei Mountain in Yong De County of Lincang Prefecture (Yunnan Province).

Each Dragon Ball is typically between 7 and 9 grams in weight (excluding the weight of the wrapper and twist-tie).  1 Kilogram purchase option is the gross weight (weight of tea + wrapper + twistie-tie).

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