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Man Gang Village Wild Arbor Assamica Black Tea

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This is a second flush pure Assamica black tea made from Man Gang (a small village near Bang Dong) tea tree material.  First Flush material was processed into a raw pu-erh tea, but the second flush of spring material was used to produce this lovely, complex and powerful black tea.

Most Yunnan black teas are made from hybrid varietals like Yun Kang #10 or #100, or Chang Ye Bai Hao (and others).  These varietals are Assamica hybrids and make wonderful teas, but the style of processing and finished tea is quite different from the more subtle styling of this tea.  Picked, wilted briefly, fried (kill green), rolled and then wilted for 12+ hours, before being sun-dried gives this tea a subtle but complex taste and aroma.  There are elements of raw pu-erh, dried fruit and orchid flower all tied together with a full-bodied viscous tea soup with a sweet layer than permeates the brew both during and after drinking.

May Harvest

Man Gang Village, Bang Dong Township, Lincang (Yunnan)

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