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Imperial Grade Pure Bud Bi Luo Chun Green Tea

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Tender shoots of tea buds are plucked during the first flush of spring and then expertly processed by hand into these tightly rolled pure bud "pearls" of fresh tea.

Our Imperial Grade Bi Luo Chun was grown in the town of Mojiang in Simao.  The tea varietal used is a hybrid of Assamica called Yunkang #100.

The taste of the tea is sweet, thick and vibrant.  There is some slight astringency that counters the sweetness, lending it depth and complexity.

We recommend brewing with 90C water.  One flash rinse (about 10 seconds), then brew for 15-20 seconds and enjoy!  With each successive infusion add 15 seconds.

Mid-February to Early-March Harvest!  (choose from year in drop-down menu)

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