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Imperial Grade "Gan Zao Ye" Wild Jujube Tea from Laoshan Village

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Gan Zao Ye (甘枣叶) or Wild Jujube Tea is a herbal tea made from wild jujube plants picked in the spring of this year in Laoshan Village area of Shandong.  Laoshan Village is also the home to some wonderful green and black teas.  Wild Jujube grows at an altitude of 600-1000 meters and is picked in the month of April and May

The taste is soupy and very thick, it has notes of barley, jiaogulan-like sweetness, and long-lasting rich taste.  The aroma is fruity and very sweet, filling the room with a baked fruitcake type aroma.

Our Imperial Grade Gan Zao Ye is picked when the leaves are young and tender in April and then carefully processed to preserve their fine state.  Imperial Grade Wild Jujube is uniquely tender and looks like a high grade green tea at first glance, uniform in size with few stems when dry.

We also offer a slightly more coarse and robust version here:
Classic "Gan Zao Ye" Wild Jujube Tea from Laoshan Village


Recommended brewing:

Strainer Brewing - 85C Spring Water - Put 6 grams in a strainer atop a glass cha hai (公道杯) and slowly pour the water over the tea letting it drain into the cha hai.  Keep adding water slowly until the tea loses it's flavor.

Gong Fu Brewing - 85C Spring Water - Put 5 grams per 100ml gaiwan or glass teapot and brew with a 10 second infusion for the first steeping, then add 10 seconds for each subsequent infusion.

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