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Da Hong Pao "Big Red Robe" Wu Yi Shan Rock Oolong Tea


Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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Just to let everybody know, there is only 400 grams (not kilograms) produced each year from the last remaining three Da Hong Pao tea bushes in the world. Don't believe any claims that you hear. The scant harvest of the real thing is reserved for bigwigs here in China, not foreigners! Even if you could get it the price would be 10's of thousands of USD or more per 10 grams.

So anyways, this Da Hong Pao falls into the category of an excellent fermented Red Oolong that was created by cloning Original Da Hong Pao. The flavor is strong but smooth. Full of body and flavor. 40% oxidization.  A classic roasting style that gives the tea fruity and sweet taste and aroma!

Late April Harvest

Beidou #1 Varietal