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Baoshan Wild "Decades of Mist" Oolong Tea - Spring 2022

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This year's mountain tea plan is a special one. We no longer seek sources of ancient tea trees. This spring we finally got in touch with the local indigenous people of the Baoshan area to seek stable and unique tea from the region. This tea mountain was developed by the local Bunun people decades ago as they were trying to support the local economy with its special tea varietal unique to the area.


Three teas were created during the two days of harvesting and we received three batches of tea material. The first and second batches were harvested from the tea trees that were being trimmed to make plucking easier for the pickers, and the final batch was grown in a wild manner without any trimming. The first two batches, since they both have more quantity to work with, were processed into traditional oolong and Fanzhuang oolong respectively. The untrimmed one was processed into an Oriental Beauty style oolong due to its scarcity and wilder nature. 


At this point, you will notice these three teas bears identical terroir. The only difference is the processing technique and how the tea trees were being managed. Interestingly, the Oriental Beauty style version is the lightest among all despite longer fermentation time. This may be the result of the materials wilder nature, making it much more difficult to process compared to the other two. However, all these trees will leave a tea lover in awe with their depth and complexity that you can explore across tea sessions. 


The trip of this processing was recorded and made into a short video that we think you will love to watch while drinking them. Our previous assistant Jonah did a fabulous job making it. We believe if you are a fan of Taiwanese tea, these three teas are the teas that could bring you all the way back to the inception of Taiwanese tea and will not be inferior to its ancestor trees.



Harvest:  Spring 2022 / 春 貳零貳貳

Varietal: Wild Arbor Tea Seed planted / 野生喬木種 實生種植

Elevation:  Approximate 1400 M / 約莫 壹仟肆佰 公尺

Region: Baoshan Area  / 寶山區

Fermentation Level:  40% / 分之 肆

Roast Level:  1 / 走乾



 Still savouring......


  Still savouring......


 Still savouring......



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