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Ai Jiao Rock Oolong Tea of Wu Yi Shan

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Ai Jiao Oolong (aka Dwarf Oolong) is a special varietal called C.sinensis cv.Aijiao-wulong that originates in Dongfeng village (Jian'Ou Township) just to the south of Wu Yi Shan and which is also the home of "Qing Xin Oolong". Our Ai Jiao Oolong is first flush of spring pick, grown from 40-60 year old bushes growing in Zhu Ke mountain area to the west of Wu Yi Shan township.

The taste is mild and mineral with a nice, thick body and sweet aftertaste. There is a dried fruit sweetness that is hard to place exactly which makes this a totally fresh and unique tea to enjoy and compare with the more classic Wu Yi varietals.

Late April Harvest

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