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2019 Yunnan Sourcing "Da Qing Gu Shu" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

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Da Qing Gu Shu (Da Qing Old Tree) is my favorite tea from Spring 2019.  It's made from old tree tea leaves picked from the first flush of Spring.  Da Qing village is located in Jinggu county and is a remote village with unadulterated tea trees growing in the nearby hillsides.  The leaves for this production are from one family whose trees are the oldest in the area.  The age of the trees between 100-300 years old.  

The tea is perfectly balanced and is very stable through many infusions.  Bitterness, astingency, sweet, spicy and floral all at once with long lasting taste and feeling in the mouth, throat and body long after drinking it.


Very limited quantity one family production!

400 grams per cake (7 cakes per bamboo leaf tong)

50kg in total produced

 *** A few cakes have wrappers that missed being stamped, so if you buy a cake, it may or may not have the tea name stamped on it.

This tea has been tested in a certified laboratory for 191 pesticides, and is within the EU MRL limits set for those 191 pesticide residues. For a full list of the 191 pesticides we tested for and more information about MRL testing and the EU Food and Safety commission click on this link.

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