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2018 Mojun Fu Cha "1368" Fu Brick Tea

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Mojun Fu Cha is the oldest current producer of Fu Cha in Shaanxi.  They select tea leaves grown in Hunan and Yunnan to produce their incredibly unique Fu tea replete with "Golden Flowers" (Eurotium cristatum).   The Mojun Fu Cha process is unique and safeguarded, producing a delicious warm Fu Cha that is also cha qi laden.

"1368" Fu Brick celebrates what is believed to be the first production of Fu brick back in (you guessed it)  the year 1368!  Mojun combines high quality processing and a high density of "Golden Flowers" using a unique blend of Hunan mao cha (Harvested in 2018) that was processed in the Mojun's facility in 2018 and pressed in 2018.  The tea brews up a sweet, bright yellow-orange tea soup, with a long-lasting after-taste and full body.

Below is a translation of Mojun's own description of this tea:

This tea is selected from the special grade mao cha grown in Chaanpu, Taoyuan County, Hunan.  After a few years of careful storage, this tea yields a tea soup that is fresh and bright.  The taste is mellow sweet with no bitterness. The tea has a rich floral fragrance.

The tea bricks are flat and firm, with relatively few stems. Keep in mind that the right amount of tea stems can increase the sweetness of the tea and is beneficial to the growth of golden flowers.  The bottom of the leaf is delicate and shiny in summer
Yellowish brown in color, soft leaves uniform thickness, full slices, oily yellowish brown.

Mojun's tea growers pluck the first bud and three leaves from the natural tea environment that retains the original atmosphere, and it is also the place where Mojun tea has stood for many years.  The tea trees have not been eroded by modern pesticide residues and chemical fertilizers, the flavor is primitive and ancient, and the internal quality is full and thick.

200 Grams per brick

2018 Pressing

ALLERGEN ALERT!!!   ** Because there is a possibility the golden flowers were inoculated using wheat flour we cannot guarantee this tea is safe for those with Celiac Disease or those that have severe gluten induced allergies **

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