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2017 Yunnan Sourcing "Da Mao Shan" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

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Da Mao Shan 大帽山 is a remote area in the farthest souther section of Jinggu County right near the border of Jinggu and Lancang counties (both in Simao).  Da Mao Shan (lit. Big Smoky Mountain) is known as such as it's often clad in mist and appears to be smoking like a volcano.  Our Da Mao Shan area tea garden is accessible only by motorcycle track and is comprised of 50-150 year old trees growing naturally.  Due to the remoteness of the area, the entire process from picking to mao cha is done by hand (kill-green is done with wood-fire).

The tea is very strong.. with alot of bitterness.  Thick mouth-feel and a very long lasting taste and feeling in the mouth.  There is a slight smokiness due to wood fired kill-green frying process.

400 grams per cake (7 cakes per bamboo leaf tong)

50kg in total produced


This tea has been tested in a certified laboratory for 191 pesticides, and is within the EU MRL limits set for those 191 pesticide residues. For a full list of the 191 pesticides we tested for and more information about MRL testing and the EU Food and Safety commission click on this link.


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