2016 "Golden Needle White Lotus" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake of Menghai


Brand: Menghai Green Lake Tea Factory

Weight: 1 Cake (357 Grams)

This is a small Menghai area tea factory production composed almost entirely of tippy ripe leaves!  The blend is their take on the classic Da Yi "Golden Needle White Lotus" blend.

Several years of aging in Dongguan (Guangdong) has given this tea a warm, bright, fruity, and sweet character.  It's got a vibrant full-bodied mouth-feel with a creamy smooth after-taste!

Although this is a small producer "knock-off" of the classic Da Yi recipe it's certainly a worthy investment for anyone looking for a smooth and delightful tippy ripe to guzzle down!

2016 Pressing by the Menghai Green Lake Tea Factory

357 Grams per cake (5 Cakes per bamboo leaf tong)