2004 "Chen Xiang Zhuan" Menghai Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick


Brand: Other Factories

This is a Menghai area ripe pu-erh tea produced by a small tea factory in 2004.  It was aged in Kunming from 2005 until now.  It comes wrapped in a white wrapper and there is no nei fei or other other distinguishing marks.

It's a mix of various leaf grades, not particularly coarse overall, with a decent amount of golden tips.  The brewed tea is incredibly rich with a nice aged taste and aroma.  It has a pungent long lasting mouthfeel, coating the mouth with a bean-like sweetness with lots of tea oils.  The dry aging has given this tea a very crisp and clear taste with no mustiness or mold.  The tea soup is ultra clear with a burgundy-brown hue.  

Very enjoyable aged ripe pu-erh tea that will engage even the most sophisticated "shou aficionados"! 


Chen Xiang Zhuan (陈香砖) means "Aged Aroma Brick"

250 Grams per brick

Vintage 2004 

Menghai region of Xishuangbanna (Yunnan)