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2000 Jinchang Hao Green Label Mansa Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

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Founded in the end of 20th century and was named Jinchang Hao (敬昌號) at the time. it was considered as some of the best private Pu-Erh companies like Tongqing Hao (同慶號) which meant the highest standard of its time. The company eventually became a historical term, but the tea they made was still remembered by tea lovers, and therefore this tea cake was born.


Using wild material from the village at the east side of Yi Wu - Mansa (曼灑), and followed a proper withering and killing green technique, this tea cake aimed to re-create the wonderful memory of an old Jinchang tea cake could bring. The exterior package has the graphic of the original inner ticket (內票) printed to inform the collector of its origin.



To who obtained this tea our company has been selected and sourced real Pu-erh tribute tea from each mountain in Pu-erh area.


We only plucked the youngest spring bud with taper leaves without any mixed or discounted material.


We paid attention to refine the steaming process to meet the sanitary standard and exported to harbor like Hong Kong.


Our reputation has been remarkably outstanding and praised by customer from home to abroad.


Honorable guest who purchased please recognized our "tea plucking trademark" clearly to avoid mistake. 



Original Han Character: 綠版敬昌號

Vintage: 2000 / 貳仟

Varietal:  Assamica / 大叶种

Region: Mansa / 曼灑 云南

Fermentation Level:  90% / 分之 玖拾

Storage History:  Stored in Taiwan since 2005










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