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Certified Organic "Yunnan Moonlight White" White Tea

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We are proud to offer a Certified Organic White Tea from Yunnan.  This tea was grown in the area of Simao and was harvested in April. 

This "Moonlight White" White Tea (月光白) is a Chang Ye Bai Hao varietal growing at and altitude 1260 meters (4150 feet) near Mulihe Village on Wan Zhang Mountain (just west of Pu'Er City).  The processing is typical, using "room temperature" air-drying (晾干).   There is very little withering and when brewed the tea leaves have a green/yellow color.

The tea brews a golden yellow tea soup that is thick, full-bodied with a creamy viscous mouth-feel.  The tea is sweet like sugarcane with hints of wheatgrass.  There a bit more vegetal character to this tea as compared to the Silver Needles White, giving this tea a bit more depth.  This tea can be brewed 6 to 8 times gong fu style. 

Our Yunnan Sourcing Certified Organic teas are certified organic by EcoCert SA and are certified organic to international standards (EcoCert is IFOAM accredited).

To see pictures of the organic plantation where this tea is grown click here!

April Harvest and Processing

 **grown and packaged by Zuxiang Highmountain Tea Co.


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