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Guanxi Certified Organic TTES #1 Baohong Fanzhuang Oolong Tea

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Operated by the same family who grows the Guanxi TTES #17, we are looking forward to having long term collaboration with this plantation for the excellent material it provides us to work with. We first encountered this varietal back in the summer of 2021, and at the time we knew very little about it. With this plantation, were finally able to process and exprience it first hand. 


We eventually learned that TTES #1 does have a fancy nickname. Being the first "TTES" title tea created since 1969, it has a cute name called "Baohong" (寶紅), which literally translates to "Precious Red." We also have a clear idea of why it was created. This nearly extinct varietal invented in 1969 was created by Taiwan’s Tea Research and Extension Station (TRES) to compete in the global black tea market. Unfortunately, this varietal was apparently born at the wrong time and place. As the export market of Taiwanese teas began drastically shrinking at the start of 1970s, “Baohong” eventually disappeared from the market. 


As most of the Taoyuan and Hsinchu regions back in the 1970s were the main planting sites for black tea exportation before they were turned into industrial parks, this varietal designed for black tea was widely grown for a brief time. This small plantation that has remained in the Guanxi area of Taoyuan could be considered as a "living fossil" of such history, and Taiwan Sourcing is honored to witness it with you.


Since this varietal was designed to be a "black tea" and "oolong tea," we processed this material into two types of tea that may fit its character the best. You will find an "Oriental Beauty" version and a "Fanzhuang" version on our site. Both styles used the traditional processing method that were representative of the teas from Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli areas that carry a glorious history of Taiwanese tea exportation. We hope you will cherish this memory with us, and may the tea be with you.




Harvest:  See Options / 見選項

Varietal:  Baohong TTES #1 / 寶紅 台茶壹號

Elevation:  230 M / 貳佰卅 公尺

Region:  Taoyuan Guanxi Township / 桃園 關西鎮

Fermentation Level:  70% / 分之 柒拾

Roast Level: See Options / 見選項



 Still Savouring.......


 Still Savouring.......


 An old dog is kneeling in front of this tea now. Review will come out later on. 



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