Premium Qimen Black Tea of Huangshan


Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

100 Grams / Spring 2022

This is a premium grade Qimen (aka Keemun) harvested in Huangshan county of Anhui.  Qimen Black Tea (祁门红茶) is among the most famous black teas in China and has been consumed in the west for well over a hundred years.  It's fame is well deserved, and is derived from the unique Huangshan Mao Feng varietal and ideal growing conditions unique to the Huangshan area of Anhui.

Our Qimen Black Tea is a Mao Feng varietal and is also known as 特级香螺.

Qimen Black Tea is delightful to drink, never astringent, it brews up a sweet, chocolatey, and malt tea soup with some light floral notes.  The floral taste rather than conflicting with the malty sweetness accentuates it and adds additional dimensions of complexity to this elegant tea.

Spring Harvest

Harvest Region:  Anhui Province, Huangshan Prefecture, Qimen County