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Fu Shou Mei Feng Qing Black Tea of Yunnan


Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

50 grams / Spring 2018

First flush of pure bud "Dian Hong" Feng Qing area tea was used to compose this special process tea!  

The freshly picked tea is wilted and then briefly fried in tropcal Yunnan muscovado style (un-processed) red sugar.   The sugar is mixed with water, and used sparily in the frying process of the leaves.  The brewed tea has a noticeably sweet taste and a nice malty full mouth-feel.  The sweetness imparted by processing is subtle, and not overpowering at all!   The unprocessed sugar (from cane stalks) imparts a special aroma and taste which commingles with the tea making it a lovely experience. 

A unique tea never offered before!

March Harvest!