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Chou Shi King of Duck Shit Dan Cong Oolong Tea

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What happens when you use Ping Keng Tou "King of Duck Shit" varietal Dan Cong tea leaves and then process them using dehydration to halt oxidation at a very early stage?  You get a super green, aromatic and sweet Dan Cong that will astound and impress!

Chou Shi (lit. dehydrate) is a new style of processing Dan Cong that shares some similarity to Anxi Tie Guan Yin. The tea is picked, and before it can wilt it is fried to start kill-green process in motion, the tea is then rolled briefly by hand and then put in a special dehydrator to stop the wilting process entirely. The result is a very green and very aromatic dan cong. The tea also has a very sweet taste, with some vegetal almost Tie Guan Yin like feeling.

April Harvest

Varietal: Ya Shi Xiang 鸭屎香

Area:  Ping Keng Tou village

Altitude: 1100 meters

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