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Middle Mountain "Saturn Peach Aroma" Dan Cong Oolong Tea

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Our Middle Mountain Saturn Peach Aroma 蟠桃香 Dan Cong Oolong is grown in Shi Tou Jiao Di Village at an altitude of 980 Meters.  It comes from trees and bushes growing naturally aged 20-80 years of age.  No pesticides or artificial fertilizers were used.

This is a medium+ level of roast, that was laboriously roasted, rested, and re-roasted many times to achieve a high level of aroma and body.  Further aging will benefit this tea as the roast taste transforms this tea in a bouquet of fruit, honey and orchids!

Origin of the name: It is named "Saturn Peach" because it resembles the fragrance of peach. It also has this scent only because of its reputation in the sky, so it is named "Saturn Peach".

Features: The aroma is similar to that of peach, the fruity aroma is obvious, and the tea soup is fresh and smooth.  Steeps many times, while retaining a lasting sweetness

April Harvested

蟠桃 Pan Tao Varietal

Altitude: 1000 meters

Area: Da'An Village area, Wu Dong Shan, Guangdong

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