2002 "Nannuo Red Ink" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake


Brand: Taiwan Sourcing

 We know what you are thinking when you saw this cake: "A 'Red Ink' wanna be? How audacious! Just because it was made from Nan Nuo material it can call itself a "Red Ink?"


Yes, the market is filled with tea cake with wrapper like this one, but you will certainly not be disappointed by the beautiful tea soup this cake can carry. One can immediately notice the classical Nannuo material this tea cake was made from that sweet aroma the dry leaves is gently radiating. That is because this particular cake was made from the early spring sprout of the wild arbor tea trees in Nannuo Mountain. A tea lover can clearly observe this from the surface of the cake which is filled with the golden bud of it.


The insistence of its material quality made the tea soup not only sweet but very lively even after years of aging. One will notice this is a tea that will not bore your spirit and senses. Will this be another "Red Ink" 80 years later? Nobody can tell, but we are certain it is already a joyful tea to enjoy with. 



Original Han Character: 紅印青餅 

Vintage: 2002 / 貳零零貳

Varietal:  Wild Arbor / 野生喬木種

Region: Nannuo / 南糯山勐海

Oxidation Level:  90% / 分之 玖拾

Storage History:  Stored in Taiwan since 2002



 This is a bold Nannuo tea that has retained it's unique terroir despite 20 years of aging.  It's transformation although incomplete has brought this tea well into the realm of an aged raw pu-erh, while at the same time delivering a strong pungent cha qi filled experience!  I got 12 very interesting steeps from this lovely tea!