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High Mountain "Gui Hua" Osmanthus Dan Cong Oolong Tea


Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

50 grams / Spring 2021

High Mountain Spring Harvest (April) from 100 year old tea trees!  This Osmanthus Dan Cong (桂花) is amazing!  As soon as you open the bag you will notice a creamy milk-like aroma.  The brewed tea is creamy, sweet and thick with a long lasting osmanthus after-taste.  It's amazing to taste such an amazingly crafted tea that is so flavorful, but yet entirely natural with no additives.  Very infusable will go 10+ rounds brewed gong fu style.  Strong cha qi and very pure taste and feeling!

Jiao Di Village area (1000 meters altitude)

Just 8 Kilograms in total!