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Bittermelon Stuffed With Roasted Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea

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Ever wondered what would happen if you took bittermelon, took out the insides and left the thick rind and then stuffed it with Tie Guan Yin and roasted it?   Well now you can try this lovely tea.  Strangely enough it's not bitter at all, the bittermelon rind after roasting commingles with the Tie Guan Yin forming a lovely balanced sweet dark oolong goodness!

This is available in whole sections or in cut cross sections individually packed!  You choose!

*  If you order the whole sections in the plastic canister we cannot guarantee the canister will arrive in perfect cosmetic condition.  It's purpose to protect the bittermelon sections during shipping.

**  Individual packets contain a cross section of the bittermelon, weight varies from 7 grams to 11 grams, if you order 100 grams of indivudal packets you get no less than 100 grams of tea, but the number of packets may vary from 9 to 12 packets.

***  Individual packet packaging (design and/or color) may differ from pictures

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