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Automatic Tea Brewer for Easy Gong Fu Tea Brewing


Brand: Yunnan Sourcing USA

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Patented Design for Easy Tea Brewing with Gong Fu style results!  Made from the highest quality heat-tempered ceramic, this Taiwanese design Auto-Brewer is perfect for brewing any kind of tea.  

Unlike the SAMA and Kamjove push-button brewers this auto-brewer has no moving parts, no buttons to push and best of all no need to pay attention to brewing time.  Just weigh and load the recommend amount of tea leaves (see recommendations below) into the infuser piece, fill with water and wait about 2 minutes.  

The stainless steel mesh and small drain hole under it is designed like a sand hourglass, in that the water drains out from the leaves like clockwork.  Best of all is the resulting tea soup that collects in the pitcher/cha hai.  The pitcher collects the tea which can be poured into the large ceramic cup or into small gong fu style cups if you prefer (not included).  When the tea has been drained into the cup(s) hold the pitcher to your nose and smell!  Wow!  It's like a giant aroma cup!    

When you are done put the infuser piece on top of the pitcher and brew another round!   So easy and results that will impress even the most hardened gong fu tea enthusiast! 

Check out our video just below showing the Automatic Tea Brewer in action!

Capacity: Approximately 275ml


Tea type (grams to use) recommendation:

  • Green tea: 3 - 4 grams
  • Jasmine tea:  3 - 4 grams
  • White tea:  5 - 6 grams
  • Black tea:  5 - 6 grams
  • Oolong tea:  7 - 8 grams
  • Ripe Pu-erh tea:  5 - 7 grams
  • Raw Pu-erh tea:  5 - 7 grams

Water Temperature (by tea type) recommendation:

  • Green tea: 175-185 F
  • Jasmine tea:  175-190 F
  • White tea:  160-185 F
  • Black tea:  195-212F
  • Oolong tea:  195-212 F
  • Ripe Pu-erh tea:  212 F
  • Raw Pu-erh tea:  212 F