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Aged Liu Bao Tea Sampler


Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Liu Bao Tea from Wuzhou area of Guangxi is a tea that is meant to be aged.  Whether wet piled or unprocessed "raw" style, this tea ages to perfection in the hot and humid conditions of its hometown.

This sampler gives you a glimpse of aged Liu Bao Tea and it's incredibly unique character!

Here's what you'll get in this sampler:

10 Grams - 1998 Raw Basket Aged "133" Liu Bao Tea

25 Grams - 2001 Te Ji Grade "Chen Xiang" Aged Liu Bao Tea

25 Grams - 2002 Aged Wild Liu Bao Tea "803" from Guangxi

50 Grams - 2007 "Betel Nut Aroma" Liu Bao Tea

50 Grams - 2008 Hei Shan "Old Tree Raw" Liu Bao Tea