2019 Three Cranes "75117 High Mountain" Liu Bao Tea


Brand: Three Cranes Brand (Wuzhou Tea Factory)

Weight: 100 Grams

This is a premium high mountain (高山) Liu Bao tea produced by the oldest and most famous Liu Bao producer (Three Cranes Brand).

Guangxi high altitude material (900 meters) plucked in Spring 2017 was wet piled in 2017 using a unique process invented by the Three Cranes Tea Factory.  The tea was packed into 14.5 kilogram baskets in 2019 and offered for sale.

This is a full-bodied creamy and fruity Liu Bao with signature betel nut aftertaste.  Goes many steeps and is very smooth without wet storage/musty character!

Spring 2017 Harvest, 2019 packaged for sale (November 8th 2019).

Region:  Wuzhou County of Guangxi