2011 Yunnan Sourcing "Autumn Xi Bang" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake


Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Brand Pu-erh

Autumn tea leaves from 100-200 year old wild arbor tea trees growing near Xi Bang village in Lincang.  An incredibly potent tea that gives a feeling of a autumn harvest Mu Su Cha. Strong mouth-feel (astringent and bitter) with cha qi to match.   This tea was picked in October 2011 and stored as mao cha until May 2012 when it was pressed in Mengku township with traditional stone presses. We decided to use our 2011 wrappers for this cake since the mao cha was purchased at that time.  You'll notice the tea has already aged slightly having spent more than half a year in Lincang in an uncompressed form!

2011 Autumn material, May 18th, 2012 pressing.

** a small portion of the wrappers were incorrectly stamped with the date of May 18th 2011 *