2007 Pin Xiang "Bu Lang Shan Tuo" Raw Pu-erh Tea


Brand: Pin Xiang Tea Factory

Weight: 250 Grams Tuo

A production of 100% Bu Lang Mountain material from Spring 2007.  Produced by a small Menghai area tea factory called "Pin Xiang Tea Factory" and then aged for almost 10 years in hot and humid Guangdong.  The degree of wet storage is just perfect, transforming the Bu Lang bitterness into something sweet and spicey, textured and complex with a mild not overpowering cha qi.

This is a perfect tea for those looking for an aged raw pu-erh that still has some character and bite to it that can be purchased on a tight budget.  The quality to price ratio with this tea is very strong, and it will not disappoint even the sophisticated sheng enthusiast.

250 grams per tuo

Wrappers are badly torn... you won't get one with a perfect wrapper!

Spend $250 or more and get 1 Free Tuo of 2007 Pin Xiang "Bu Lang Shan Tuo" Raw Pu-erh Tea (Click on link for code and full details!)