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Order Cancellations, Returns, and Refunds Policy

1. No returns or exchanges whatsoever.  All sales are final!

We offer sample portions for most of the more expensive Pu-erhs we sell, so please try the samples first before purchasing a whole cake or brick! If a sample or lesser portion is not available, you are welcome to request that we list it for sale. Each harvest & year's batch of tea can be different, so we recommend for all types of tea that, each time a new harvest of tea is offered, you purchase the smallest amount first. Just because last year's harvest was your favorite, doesn't mean that the new harvest will be to your liking. All Sales Are Final!

2.  For items returned as undeliverable, duties not paid (non USA customers), or any other reason, there is a 30% restocking fee should you opt for a refundIf you would prefer to have the items shipped again, you must pay the actual shipping costs that we incurred shipping to you initially, even if your initial order qualified for free shipping.

3. Should you desire to cancel the order before it is shipped, you may do so but you will be charged a 3% cancellation fee. We charge this fee because both PayPal and our credit card processor keep between 3%-4.4% when they refund a transaction. Thanks for your understanding.

4. Actual colors of teawares may vary from the pictures. Darkness and lightness of hues as well as colors and paint may vary. This is due in part to the natural variations in the materials used, the variations in production run, as well as the photography and lighting that was used. Photos provided are strictly for general reference. We will not accept returns, offer exchanges or issue refunds for these differences.

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