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Lost, Missing and Broken Items Policy

While we do everything we can to ensure that your parcel arrives in a timely manner and without breakage, we cannot control every aspect of its journey. We will always work hard to satisfy your needs and concerns and we appreciate your patience and understanding!

To avoid any problems with your parcel: 

1. Make sure that your correct address is on file with us and also with whichever payment method you choose to use. We will not be responsible for parcels sent to the wrong address since the address used for shipping labels is pulled directly from the information you give us when placing your order. We do not manually type anything, so if the address is incorrect, it's not because we made a mistake. Please be mindful of autofilled addresses!

2. Should your parcel not arrive within 1 month after sending (USA) or after 2 months (international), please contact us and we will start investigating the matter.

3. If it is determined that your parcel is indeed lost in transit, we will offer to re-ship without additional charges. We will re-ship the replacement parcel using the original shipping method you paid for. Should you want to upgrade to a faster shipping method for the replacement parcel, you will be charged the difference between the original method and the upgraded shipping method.

4. Please be aware that there is a difference between a parcel that is lost in transit and a parcel that is missing after it has been marked "Delivered" by the courier. If a parcel has been marked as delivered but you cannot find it, we are unable to do anything. We cannot issue a refund or send a replacement, and we cannot file a claim for a parcel that has been marked as delivered. We recommend you check at an alternate entrance to your domicile, at a neighbor's house or apartment, or at the front desk of your apartment complex or place of business to see if the parcel has simply been misdelivered. If the parcel is not in one of those locations, please contact the courier to see if they can help locate your parcel. If your address and/or mailbox is not a secure place to receive packages then please ask us about adding a signature confirmation service. If you have any doubts about the safety of packages left at your home or place of work then please choose a shipping method that requires a signature for delivery!

5. Although we pack all of the items we send with lots of bubble wrap and take great care with packing, sometimes items will arrive broken. Let us know immediately if you receive broken or damaged items. If an item is broken or missing from your order, we reserve the right to require you to provide photographic documentation of the defect or damage before we can replace the item or refund you.

6. If an item is damaged or missing from your order we reserve the right to send a replacement with your subsequent order. We will not send the item by itself in a package of its own. If the damage is cosmetic and doesn't impact the functionality of the items, the maximum amount to be refunded should not exceed 50% of the amount paid. If you don't want to wait to have the missing/damaged item sent in a subsequent order you may choose to have the price (or portion of the price) of the item and a portion of the shipping refunded to you.

7. If the items you ordered are damaged or confiscated by the Customs Agency of your country there is absolutely nothing we can do about it! Parcels opened or confiscated are not considered lost or broken. Occasionally an overzealous Customs Agent will break pu-erh cakes in half, or slash open bags of loose leaf tea looking for contraband. If you feel wronged or feel that you deserve compensation, then you need to petition your relevant government representative or Customs Agency directly. Yunnan Sourcing LLC cannot be held responsible in any way for damages caused by Customs Agencies and their practices.

8. In the event that the Customs Agency of your country disallows entry of the parcel we cannot be responsible! We will refund you for the amount you paid minus shipping (both to and returning from your country) plus a 30% restocking fee should you choose not to pay for re-shipment of your order. Please be familiar with the customs requirements of your home country so that we can avoid un-necessary and costly problems and delays. Should you need documentation, certificates, invoices, or anything else sent with the parcel please let us know before making an order.

9. If the parcel is returned to us as "undeliverable" or "wrong address" or denied by your Customs agency (or any other reason) we can attempt to send the parcel again, but you will be charged postage fees for the returned shipping as well as the second attempt shipping to you.  There are no 100% refunds for items sent back to us, your only option is to ask us to send the items again and pay relevant postage fees or pay a re-stocking fee of 30% in addition to return postage fees (from your country back to us).

10. We cannot contact your local post office or Customs office.

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