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Before Finalizing Your Purchase

Please review your cart before finalizing your purchase. If you have accidentally added too many of an item to your cart, this is the time to address the issue. Removing an item from your order once it has been submitted means we have to issue a refund, and we are charged a 3%-4.4% fee by our credit card processor and Paypal to refund a transaction. This may seem insignificant, however, it is anything but. These amounts add up very quickly!

Before finalizing your purchase is also the time to double check that you have entered any relevant discount, loyalty, sale or BOGO code. If you are unsure of where to enter the code, please pause for a moment and contact us before proceeding! We cannot add codes post-purchase, and to issue a refund for a code that wasn’t entered causes us to incur the same 3%-4.4% fee.

We pride ourselves on having great customer support, but we’re not available 24 hours a day. If you forget to enter a code or you want to add/remove an item from your order, you run the risk of having your order fulfilled and shipped before our customer support team sees your order inquiry. If you review your order and find something amiss, please contact us and then wait for a response before finalizing your order! We try our best to answer as quickly as possible, but given the global reach of our business, there are going to be hours in the day when you won’t get an immediate response.

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