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Zhushan Organic "Milk Tree" Light Roasted Oolong Tea - Spring 2018


Brand: Taiwan Sourcing

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So this tea is a sister tea of the "Tall Tree" a tea that grows alongside with its Qing Xin brother. The fantastic part is that this tea was very heavily bitten by all sorts of bugs while its brother did not get that much of love. This higher level of bug biting might be caused by the varietal of the tree, but we cannot definitely determine if that's why or not.


Both teas were harvested and processed on the same day with same amount of care, but they show very opposite characters. The Qing Xin varietal shows a much more humble and calm character from aroma to body, while this one demonstrate more glamorous and lively side, even though they both offer an identical feeling to the body.


As a result, if our "Solar Isle" and "Ruby Isle" hasn't already changed your concept about Four Seasons Spring (四季春) being a world class varietal, this tea will certainly convince you! Like we have been emphasizing since last season, the matured processing technique will elevate this long overlooked varietal to to a higher status due to its surprising quality and taste. If you are looking for something to overthrow your concept about tea this season, this is the tea that shall do the job! We named it "Milk Tree"because it's taste reminds us of the famous Japanese milk caramel!



Harvest: Spring 2018 / 春 貳零壹捌

Varietal: Four Seasons Spring / 四季春

Elevation: 400 M / 肆佰 公尺

Region: Zhushan / 竹山 

Fermentation Level: 25% / 分之 貳拾伍

Roast Level: 2 / 貳分





  This tea has potently tropic floral aromatics. It is pretty interesting because it has nice satisfying sweet floral taste by also has kept some greenery in terms of body. The baking kept it from biting too hard on the palate and was a nice touch. After a few steeps I got the Japanese milk caramel our old dog was alluding to. Mainly in the body and aftertaste.


 An old dog was peacefully savouring this tea at about midnight, which is not normal for a healthy dog. Since last winter an old dog already realized how fantastic Four Seasons Spring varietal can achieve from processing the white and yellow tea, but an old dog was still not prepared for how fabulous this tea is. It is a Four Seasons Spring that can grab your attention in a second with an absolutely distinctive taste and aroma, and and old dog thinks most of that was because the bugs were biting the tea treas so passionately. As written in the description, it has that caramel character so strong you will not miss! This is a tea for surprising your tea companion!