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2003 Changtai "Brown Jinggu" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

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A controversial existence but also a shining nova of modern Pu-erh tea market, this version of Changtai Hao has a very distinctive recipe a tea lover can definitely remember for a long long time. "Brown Changtai" has lots of variants due to its chaotic marketing strategy after 2004. However, this batch we are carrying is the earliest batch among it, and tea lover can immediately tell why we are able to say this.


Using wild material from Jinggu region, this tea you are seeing here has some unusual character about it. To put in one word, it is obviously "wild" from head to toe. The character is very distinctive that almost feel like it is playing a opera itself while brewing it. Unlike the usual smooth ride you would experience from aged raw pu-erh, this tea cake will bring you a sensationally pleasant ride with its wild Jinggu journey.


We still feel it is a miracle we are carrying this tea cake in our selection, and we hope you will feel that same awe we experienced when you receive it. 

 Changtai Brand


Original Han Character: 棕昌泰

Vintage: 2003 / 貳零零參

Varietal:  Wild Arbor / 野生喬木種

Region: Jinggu / 景谷

Oxidation Level:  90% / 分之 玖拾

Storage History:  Stored in Taiwan since 2003



  Perfect Taiwan Storage!  Just the right amount of heat and humidity to bring this tea into a semi-aged perfection.  An incredibly complex tea that gives a stable 10+ steepings.  Creamy, pungent, sweet, and slightly astringent, this tea delivers a memorable long lasting mouthfeel and excellent cha qi.  It speaks volumes that Changtai took the time to source this tea from outside Xishuangbanna.  True aged wild arbor Jinggu with this kind of age and storage condition is truly rare.







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