Yuchi Organic Ruby 18 "Agate Pond" Black Tea


Brand: Taiwan Sourcing

25 grams / Summer 2020

If you were the luck few who were able to get a hand on our "Agate Pond" from 2018, we must congratulate you for such a wise and quick decision, because that tea ran out way beyond our expectation that we failed to reserve some for ourselves. It was our very first attempt to make Ruby 18 from Yuchi, and was quite a success due to its fast disappearance. To this day, we are still wondering how those tea has transformed into if it were not being consumed by the lucky one. 


The plantation this "Agate Pond" is grown at has became a tricky plantation to work with due to its wild nature which made the collaboration extremely unstable, and that was why the 2019 version of this tea was missing. However, under the effort of family Yeh, we shall be able to have at least every harvest of this tea in the future season. 


Our understanding of Ruby 18 has grown better and better each season with the processing of tea such as "Ruby Lion," so you can consider "Agate Pond" as the upgraded version of "Ruby Lion" with its more superior material and environment, and we make sure a tea lover will feel it with our meticulous processing attitude. 



Harvest Season: Varied / 不定

Varietal: #18 Ruby /  紅玉 拾捌號

Elevation: 640 M / 陸佰肆拾 公尺

Region: Yuchi / 魚池

Fermentation Level: 85 % / 分之 捌拾伍

Roast Level: 0 / 無







 This tea is aimed to bring this very common varietal to a new height. To make sure one can feel it, an old dog worked closely with Mr. Yeh to ensure such material will turn out beautifully. It is quite easy to feel how a tea can warm someone's "Qi" up with this particular tea as an old dog has tried it with many friends.