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Wu Yi Varietal Organic Charcoal Roasted Oolong Tea - Winter 2017


Brand: Taiwan Sourcing

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Wu Yi Oolong is back again, and this winter with more depth to explore with! Before introducing this tea, let's have a quick review of what "Wu Yi" means.


Don't be confused, this is not a Wu Yi Rock Tea from mainland China, but instead a unique varietal that was brought to Taiwan around 200 years ago. Until today it is difficult for us to tell which exact varietal was brought from Wuyi region of China back then, so this varietal has earned its unique name to commemorate its origin ─ "Wu Yi" as a result.  


Inherited from the extremely clean tea plantation, this Wu Yi has become our favourite teas to drink daily. With more traditional process, and very exquisitely unique roasting technique by Master Zhuang who has been researching the possibility of roasting in his roasting studio, this tea is very special in its taste and warm feeling. .


We encourage everyone who is the fan of us (and thank you all) to give a try of this tea. This tea, like our Egret 17 Baozhong Bug Bitten Oolong, are what we have been working and waiting for since our launch in 2015, and we could not be prouder to offer this to the world. Enjoy!



Harvest:  Winter 2017 / 冬 貳零壹柒

Varietal:  Wu Yi / 武夷

Elevation:  450 M / 肆佰伍拾 公尺

Region: Ming Jian / 名間

Oxidation Level:  30 % / 分之 參拾

Roast Level:  0 / 無



 Still Savouring......


 Still Savouring......


 An old dog was not so much a fan of Ming Jian tea before, since Ming Jian is mostly known for its large quantity but low quality reputation. Fortunately, there are lots of hard working people trying to change that view, while creating teas that are healthier but extremely affordable. Despite its very low elevation, properly kept plantation in Ming Jian can outperform many other plantation from higher elevation. This Wu Yi is tasty and comfortable thanks to the factor, but it carries even more depth thanks to Master Zhuang's impeccable roasting technique (no exaggeration), making this tea not only carries the powerful Wu Yi character, but also a irresistible longan wood aroma behind the character. Enjoy our tea friends, this is what you will drink daily in this upcoming winter!