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Tiebilun Organic Qing Xin "Secret Creek" Oolong Tea - Winter 2021

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Due to the lack of yield at the Yakou and Nanshan, we almost could not offer any Qing Xin option this season except for the high end Tianhu that only a few can afford. Thankfully, we met the Su family this season who own two remarkable plantations at Hongxiang village.


Located in the valley between Cuifeng and Baigu mountain, this particular area is difficult to access for most. The road is often blocked due to landslde. The surface of the road is rough, filled with holes caused by the dropping rocks from up the cliff. It may not take a crazily long drive to get there, like Hualien, but its difficult to access nature means few are willing to pay a visit to this village.


The day we visited and met with Ms. Su went well, so we settled the date for collaboration between us. Unfortunately, the main road to Hongxiang village was blocked by a truck that had gotten into an accident on the day we were supposed to be tea processing. Without a choice, we asked the locals and found another way around to get to the village that added an hour to our journey. Fortunately, that situation was resolved the next day.


This plantation has been under the care of Su family for decades. As this village is located in the valley, naturally there will be a creek below, whose source originates from the Baigu Mountain. The soil and water of this plantation is deeply influenced by the geography of Tiebilun creek and so is the terroir. This "Secret Creek" will bring us to a different place we have never experienced with before. We invite you to discover it with us.



Harvest:  Winter 2021 / 冬 貳零貳壹

Varietal:  Qing Xin Oolong / 青心烏龍

Elevation:  1180 M / 壹仟壹佰捌拾 公尺

Region:  Nashan / 南山

Fermentation Level:  20% / 分之 貳拾

Roast Level:  1 / 壹 分



 Wait for it to brew......


 Wait for it to brew......


 It always amazed an old dog how many new places are waiting for exploration in Taiwan. We accidentally came across Su family and realized they are doing some amazing work at their home place. 



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