Tianhu Natural Farming "Sky Lake" Oolong Tea - Spring 2021


Brand: Taiwan Sourcing

Weight: 25 grams

After creating "Orient Lake" from Tianhu region, the long anticipating Tianhu plantation made its tiny production under the nearly disastrous drought this spring. Our great friend Mr. Chen managed to find people who were willing to travel all the way up to this abandoned part of tea land during this very difficult time. Again, lots of gratitude toward Mr. Chen.


Another good new was, we finally got the big waving machine fixed despite the noise it made was able to shake the window of the factory. We decided to leave the factory for a little bit to escape from the noise it made, and took some rest while big waving was being done. We hope we may eventually assist Mr. Chen enough so he may get all his machine fully fixed. 


Our original plan to make this Qing Xin Oolong material into our signature traditional oolong finally worked, resulting a tea that has a "Japanese Amber Candy" (Kingiyukutou) feeling in the mouth. Moreover, If you have "Orient Lake" at hand, you can learn the meaning of terroir by comparing this "Sky Lake" with it. These two teas, despite with different processing style, will bring out the same foundation that is hard to ignore. 



Harvest:  Spring 2021 / 春 貳零貳壹

Varietal:  Qing Xin Oolong / 青心烏龍

Elevation:  1200 M / 仟貳佰 公尺

Region:  Jianshi Township Tianhu / 尖石鄉 天湖

Fermentation Level:  25% / 分之 廿五

Roast Level: 1 / 壹



 Still Savouring.......


 Still Savouring.......


 With big waving machine properly fixed, an old dog and the team were finally able to create a traditional rolled oolong. This tea really resembles the sweetness and crispness of the Japanese candy mentioned above thanks to that unusual terroir. An old dog never had such terroir before, which made it a new discovery!