Premium Bamboo Charcoal for Enhancement of Water


Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Bamboo charcoal has many uses.  Our premium grade charcoal is useful for the following:

- Improving the quality of water (put in teapot or water cask)

- Burning as charcoal to heat your water

- Store with your pu-erh to keep the humidity levels constant and absorb unwanted odors. 


Our premium grade bamboo charcoal comes from larger (thick walled) bamboo stalks and is relatively uniform in size and thickness.  Each piece weighs close to 20 grams.

If using with your water use a stiff brush and rinse with water.  Allow it to dry and then you can use it.  Every few months you may want take it out and let it dry in the sun before using again.  Replacing it with a new piece every few months will yield better results for your water.

Each order comes in a bag with 6 pieces.  Each piece is 4 inches long and roughly 1.5 inches wide (10cm x 3.75cm)


Weight is approximately 110-125 grams


** Although we will pack it well, we cannot guarantee bamboo will be unbroken when it arrives to you.  We cannot refund or replace it under any circumstances!