Miaoli Natural Farming Huang Xin "Yellow Candy" Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea - Winter 2018


Brand: Taiwan Sourcing

Weight: 25 grams

This is the most mysterious varietal we have encountered so far - Huang Xin (Yellow Heart). The plantation is located at the border of Miaoli and is very small. There is actually not much management involved at this plantation because it is too small and the owner is now too old to have incentive to boost the production. The plantation was simply left at where it has been since decades ago, growing a varietal that was developed back in the Japanese era (1895~ 1945).


Like Huang Gan, this is one of the oldest varietals in Taiwan. During the research, the name of this varietal only appeared once in a document from TRES which records the area of the plantation of varietal at certain year. After further research, we noticed there were another two types of varietal which were called "Huang Xin Dah Pan" and "Huang Xin Oolong." What confused us is that we are not sure whether the "Huang Xin" we are offering here is an independent varietal from those two, or a varietal that is one of those two "Huang Xin Dah Pan" or "Huang Xin Oolong." However, one thing is sure, the taste of this tea is very unique. 


This "Yellow Candy" is the more affordable version of our popular "Golden Candy" from this summer. It has a similar but a bit lighter character due to the seasonal difference. It still has a distinctive "candy" character which is not only pleasant, but surprising as well. Although not as robust as "Golden Candy," this "Yellow Candy" will still be pleasant enough to give you a delightful tea experience. 



Harvest: Winter 2018 / 冬 貳零壹捌

Varietal: Yellow Heart / 黃心

Elevation: 400 M / 肆佰 公尺

Region: Miaoli / 苗栗

Fermentation Level: 75% / 分之 柒拾伍

Roast Level: 0 / 無



 I am skeptical when I hear names like the one "old dog" gave this particular tea, but being the old and wise dog that he is I was excited to steep this tea.  Wow!  I was not disappointed, but rather humbled that I didn't immediately try this tea!  So sweet, fruity and floral.  It's velvety in the mouth... it's very enjoyable like the most refined dessert in the world, but with an aftereffect that leaves you feeling great!  Hard to describe this amazing tea, just try it, but pay attention to not over brew it.


  The heated dry leaf aroma serenaded me with its nostalgic sweetness from the times in youth when all we wanted was candy, and we didn't know candy like this existed. This tea is quite the luscious experience. It's velvety dew pushed my limits of enjoyment due to a kind of fruit candy flavor that has depth and complexity hard to describe. Sophisticated and satisfying to say the least.


 We had this as "Golden Candy" back in the summer, which was a truly mind-opening experience. For everyone to have a chance to see how different this tea is, we asked our friend Master Hsu to process this varietal again this winter. It is very similar to the summer cousin, just on a lighter overall tone. This character makes it more oolong like instead of black tea like than the summer "Golden Candy." Both are exceptional teas to an old dog's  delicate taste bud!