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Liugui Natural Farming "Assamica Ruby" Oolong Tea - Spring 2020


Brand: Taiwan Sourcing

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We teamed up with a young farmer whose family has been working on "Mountain Tea" for decades. Family Hsu lives in the valley of Liugui and have a great connection with local indigenous Taiwanese, who knows where those wild tea is growing at in the mountain. 


The material being used for this "Assamica Ruby" was grown by Hsu family around thirty years ago by using the cuttage of wild tea in the mountain. so this can be consider as the "offspring" of Liugui's wild tea. Even so, processing a material like this is not an easy task neither thanks to its parents powerful DNA.


If one is familiar with Taiwanese "Mountain Tea" (山茶), you will notice the tea is either processed into a cake like Yunnan raw Pu-erh tea, or just black tea. Some people also use this type of special material to create loose leaf white tea. However, no one ever created a traditionally processed "oolong" tea with this material. According to commonly known theory, "large leaf varietal" can only and mostly be processed into black or white tea. But that is just "according to theory," because we guessed there was more potential inside this mysterious and fantastic material. 


This tea was processed along with "Assamica Orient," so like "Asssamica Orient," we had to do the big waving completely by hand which made the whole processing painstaking to say the least. And like "Assamica Orient," this tea turned out to be somewhat like an Oriental Beauty as well, but also carrying a mesmerizing cinnamon roll note somewhat like the famous Ruby 18. As a result, we decided to name it "Assamica Ruby." Please remember this is a oolong tea you are drinking, not a black tea!



Harvest:  Spring 2020 / 春 貳零貳零

Varietal: Assamica Hybrid / 人工喬木種

Elevation:  Approximate 700 M / 約莫 柒佰 公尺

Region: Liugui  / 六龜

Fermentation Level:  80% / 分之 捌拾

Roast Level:  0 / 走乾



 Still savouring......


  Still savouring......


 An old dog bet a lot of people will mistake this tea as a black tea, because it does carry some of that note within. An old dog was not expecting this when dealing with the processing.