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High Fired Old Duan Ni Clay Shi Piao Teapot * 140ml


Brand: Wang De Ming

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Clay type:  Old Duan Ni clay

Maker:  Wang De Ming

Teapot style:  Shi Piao

Capacity:  140ml

Special notes:  Old Duan Ni clay fired at very high temperatures give this a black speckled effect.  High porosity!

This teapot by Wang De Ming was created by a combination of hand-work and molding.  The shape is elegant and seamless, lid fit is tight and spout intake is flat on the inside (not ball-filter). The water pours fast and even and by plugging the top the flow will stop quickly.
Biography of Wang De Ming:  Wang De Ming is an Arts and Crafts teacher and a member of the China Arts and Crafts Society.  Born in the late 60's into a family of Yixing potters where in his early years he studied the classical teapot styles and their craft. By his early 20's he invented his own styles and crafted teapots entirely unique and new.  Since that time he has been awarded several times for his creative works.