Fu Shou Shan "Forest Boundary" Premium Jade Oolong - Winter 2016


Brand: Taiwan Sourcing

Weight: 25 grams

With Da Yu Ling tea plantations being uprooted to allow for natural restoration, Fu Shou Shan area is finally "the place" for the highest elevation Jade Oolong tea in Taiwan. Fu Shou Shan area not only has the highest elevation, but is also famous for its "Veterans Affair Council" background. This governmental background does not necessarily guarantee the quality of the tea, but nonetheless a very popular choice for the gifting culture in Taiwan, and thus built the reputation of Fu Shou Shan tea.


The Fu Shou Shan this year is very different from the one from last winter. The tea was processed more heavily, which resulted in a more golden color and stronger taste. The aroma could be described as the most "powerful" jade oolong from high elevation this season, not to mention its extremely sweet taste as well. If you are looking for a strong jade oolong this year, look no further, this is your best choice! 



Harvest:  Winter 2016 / 冬 二零一六

Varietal:  Qin Xing Oolong /  青心烏龍

Elevation:  2600 M

Region:  Fu Shou Shan Mountain / 福壽山 

Oxidation Level:  30%

Roast Level:  0

Best Time of Savouring (Reference Only): Spring 2017 ~ Winter 2021



  Strong thick and sweet with tons of cream.  Mouth-feeling and hui gan is long lasting... you can drink 3 or 4 cups and sit back and just take it in, while the mouth and throat just vibrate.  There is a softness behind the power, the bug bite has caused some welcomed wilting but only very slight.  The high mountain nature of this tea reveals itself at every turn.  Very worthwhile and enjoyable, complex but not at the expense of being a chore to drink.


  This teas starts and finishes strong. I suggest 7-8 grams for 170ml or so. A few friends and I brewed it over 12 times and it had amazing complexity as well as depth. We even noticed some interesting apple-cinnamon notes that were a treat. Besides the great tastes it gives so generously, it also gives such a beautiful feeling in the body of crisp fresh flowing vitality. This tea is not to be missed for you high mountain oolong lovers out there.


 As an old dog that was quite unimpressed by most of the winter tea this year except the one we chose because of them were just too weak, this is the tea that caught the tongue of an old dog. An old dog was of course fascinated by the other jade oolongs of this winter, but this one was picked for how strong it is. The rich aroma has a malt-like character which reminds an old dog some good old days with refined Scotch. An old dog also think this tea was a little bit bug bitten as well for its "nectar" taste, and an old dog would not be surprised if that is true because this winter is a lot warmer than any winter before.