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Diaoqiaotou Tie Guan Yin "Goddess Drop" Jade Oolong Tea - Winter 2017


Brand: Taiwan Sourcing

Weight: 25 grams

The legendary tea of 2015 is finally again part of our 2017 Winter offering, and we are very surprised to find that the processing has became very different from the previous version. 


Most of the High Mountain Oolongs grown at Lishan (Dayuling and Fushoushan) are Qin Xin Oolong varietal, but this tea was made from Hong Xin Wai Wei Tao, the varietal that is mostly utilized to process as traditional Tie Guan Yin (鐵觀音). Moreover, Tie Guan Yin varietal grown at such high altitudes is very rare since harvest quantity is very low (compared to Qing Xin varietal). The result is remarkable, in that it offers an absolutely unique and eye-opening experience to Jade Oolong tea lovers.  It has a mellow yet complex layered body that separates it from a Qing Xin Li Shan Jade Oolong.


With the best environment and the most interesting varietal possible, this is one of the most exclusive teas in the market offered by Taiwan Sourcing.



Harvest:  Winter 2017 / 冬 貳零壹柒

Varietal: Hong Xin Wai Wei Tao / 紅心歪尾桃

Elevation:  2400 M / 貳仟肆佰 公尺

Region:  Diaoqiaotou  / 吊橋頭

Oxidation Level:  30% / 分之 卅

Roast Level:  0 / 無

Brewing Suggestions



  Water is still boiling......


   Smelling the aroma in the gaiwan was so nostalgic because it brought me back to the 2015 Goddess drop that I fell in love with. The floral fruitiness coming from my gaiwan was exquisite. Reminded me of ripening tropical fruit on a humid day. It is more crisp than buttery...yet still has richness on the palate. The high floral notes grip the upper palate and fill the senses. There is a beautiful metallic sweetness that lingers like a melody. So lovely. Round after round it pours sweet floral and uniquely metallic-rich. It's fresh and potent but not overly so. What a treat worth cherishing with some friends on a sunny afternoon.


Water is still boiling......