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Dazuan Organic "Imperial Topaz Magpie" Oolong Tea


Brand: Taiwan Sourcing

25 grams / Spring 2020

The last time we had a Magpie series having an "Imperial" term in its name was back in the spring of 2019, and we again have this tea available with a even more mature processing method you can experience with.


Like its cousin "Alluvial Series," "Noon Series," and the famous "Overlord," this plantation we have been working with are our very first few experiments on the exploration of traditional processing technique. This Ying Xiang is cultivated in Dazuan, a place which only has an elevation of about 350 meters. You will not be able to tell the elevation is that "low" thanks to the mature processing technique and refined drying from charcoal roaster (which is the same on all our other oolongs from this season). The plantation is being properly managed by Mr. Yang and his family, and we are always grateful for their kind collaboration.


The Ying Xiang we processed this spring does not have that hight aroma anymore because we are still exploring its possibility. As a result you will find a mellow and satisfying body with that similar character as the Alishan GABA tea we carry with a much stronger calming effect calming effect. A beautiful topaz colour is the fruit of our diligent effort, that is why it is called "Imperial Topaz Magpie." 



Harvest:  Spring 2020 / 春 貳零貳零

Varietal:  Ying Xian / 迎香

Elevation:  350 M / 參佰伍拾 公尺

Region: Dazuan / 大庄

Fermentation Level:  35% / 分之 卅伍

Roast Level:  2 / 貳 分







 This tea will be a tea that will stay on a tea lover's shelf for a while because its subtle quality will gradually release to one's teapot. Nobody in the market does Ying Xian varietal in this "super traditional" way by fermenting it super strong. People always relate this varietal with "jade oolong" style processing (even our roasting master Mr. Zhuang has the same impression), so what we are doing here is quite bold to their eye, but absolutely worth it.