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Da Yu Ling 89K Jade Oolong Tea – Autumn 2017

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Da Yu Ling used to be called "the Saddle of Hehuan" which is located in the area of Lishan.  Da Yu Ling (being the highest elevation tea growing area in Taiwan) has earned its fame from tea lovers who are looking to quench their thirst with the ultimate tonic of "High Mountain Qi" (高山氣).  It got the name "Da Yu Ling" (大禹嶺) from the former president of Republic of China - Ching-Kuo Chiang to describe its fragile geological character which made infrastructural development extremely difficult. 

Today, the most famous Da Yu Ling tea plantation at "105K" (A marker on the Tai Eight Road) has been taken back to the Forestry Bureau of Republic of China, but a couple kilometers down to the same road there are still plantation remained, and teas were still being made. 


In the Autumn the weather is still quite warm, even at a high altitude Da Yu Ling plantation.  Although we produced a Bug Bitten Da Yu Ling from this Autumn, this is pure Jade Oolong style picked from leaves that were not bug bitten.  Although the winter and spring Da Yu Lings are somewhat stronger in taste and slightly more infusable, the Autumn Da Yu Ling is nonetheless an excellent and solid tea for enjoyment!


For people who love the Da Yu Ling name, this is your opportunity to experience a high quality but incredibly affordable Da Yu Ling Jade Oolong!


Harvest:  Autumn 2017 / 春 貳零壹柒

Varietal:  Qing Xin Oolong / 青心烏龍

Elevation:  2550 M

Region:  Da Yu Ling / 大禹嶺

Oxidation Level:  40%

Roast Level:  0

Aging Potential: Medium

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