Certified Organic "Te Ji Grade" Loose Leaf Ripe Pu-erh Tea


Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Brand Pu-erh

We are proud to offer a Certified Organic "Te Ji" Ripe Pu-erh Tea from Yunnan.  This tea was grown in the area of Simao and was harvested in April 2018, and wet piled in Autumn 2018.  Te Ji  grade ripe pu-erh tea is the second smallest leaf grade (after Gong Ting Grade), has a very potent cha qi, with a thick tea soup, dark chocolate like bitterness , fruity sweetness, and a natural rose taste.

The tea was harvested from organically cultivated tea pure assamica varietal tea bushes growing at an altitude 1300-1350 meters (4300-4450 feet) on summit of Ma Wei Mountain (just west of Pu'Er City).  The tea is picked and processed into sun-dried mao cha, and then wet piled (wu dui) for 45 days, transforming it into ripe pu-erh tea (熟普洱). 

Our Yunnan Sourcing Certified Organic teas are certified organic by EcoCert SA and are certified organic to international standards (EcoCert is IFOAM accredited).

To see pictures of the organic plantation where this tea is grown click here!

New Batch offered on August 6th 2019! If you purchased before this date then this new batch will taste a bit different until the wet pile taste dissipates!

April 2018 Harvest, Autumn 2018 Wet Piling

**grown and packaged by Zuxiang Highmountain Tea Co.