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2015 Xiaguan "Dragon Horse Gong Ting" Loose Leaf Ripe Pu-erh Tea


Brand: Xiaguan Tea Factory

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This is a very unique tea for Xiaguan.  It's very rare that Xiaguan sells ripe pu-erh tea in a loose leaf form like this.  Each box contains a sealed silver pouch with 250 grams of Gong Ting (宫廷) Grade Ripe Pu-erh Tea.  This was originally ordered by a Guangzhou Xiaguan dealer who shipped most of it to Malaysia (for Lau Char SDN Berhad) and kept some for herself.

A lovely woody camphor sweetness can be found in this tea.  There is still some wet pile taste, but it's mostly faded even though it's been sealed in the pouch.

If you are a fan of Xiaguan ripe tea's like Xiao Fa Tuo you might find this finer grade gong ting a real treat!

250 grams per box.

**Outer brown box may become damaged during shipping.  No discounts or returns will be offered if the box is damaged.